A-Moral are the latest gem to come out from Varna's punk and hardcore scene. In the band we can see a few familiar faces from Crowfish, namely George (bass) and Bojo (drums), as well as Krasen (guitars) from Confront and Ivo on vocals. First time I saw the band at the first East Noise Attack Festival I was pretty impressed with their song "We've Been Robbed". Why? Because I like bands with meaningful lyrics. I think that the honest opinion about politics and things that happen in a society is something that does have it's place in art. And music is art. And we're talking about punk rock here and no one should be surprised that such a band makes some kind of a statement. And the second thing - the situation in Bulgaria is full of things that ought to piss you off. And full of jesters that deserve a few kicks (as the album's title should be translated)... And so - the main topic in the lyrics is what the politicians and their pet sociologists and and journalist refer to as "the disappointment from the transition". You call it "the hellhole we live in". The main protagonist is YOU, my dear ruled by former communists and state security agents friend. Besides the song "We've Been Robbed", the last 10-15 years of Bulgaria's history dominate in tunes like "Walnuttree Rod" (that you must have already heard a lot of times on Tangra Mega Rock), "Fairytale", "Vampires" and "Friends of Europe". The mayor of Varna, Kiril Jordanov, is saluted with the fastass song "Mayor-Idiot?". The question mark is to keep away from problems. After all, you can get sued for offense in Bulgaria... On the musical side, "Kicks for All Jesters" is full-on old-school punk rock with not many surprises. Even so, by staying in the borders of the genre, A-Moral have made use of pretty much all of the available tools to make the songs different from each other and memorable. And they have succeeded. So, if you're a fan of bands like Bad Religion and Pennywise, stop wasting time and go see the band play live. Then buy the CD, as it's absolutely worth it!

Stefan Topuzov - Tangra Radio